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ZÉRUÌ is proud to present Memories of A Social Club That Doesn't Exist.This exhibition brings together 24 bodies of work by six contemporary artists working across various disciplines: Johannes Bosisio, Stanley J Buglass, Hoa Dung Clerget, Li Hei Di, Mino and Aaron Roth. This exhibition explores the confines of a social club, the characters, and stories that we may have encountered, but never quite tangible.


Social clubs are interesting places. They transcend class and society, wherever in the world there is a town or community, there would be some form of a social club. From a working man’s club in rural England and industrial Russia to members-only clubs in Mayfair and Manhattan. A discotheque in China and a Salsa dance club in Cuba all share the same function, to bring people together.

This exhibition showcases an eclectic range of artists, all with distinctive language that bears the unique consequence of their respective heritage. Juxtaposing sculptures, paintings, photographs, and installations, they become a story of a social club that never existed, from memories that we never had, exploring the different cultural and social contexts of the social club, and the stories that could take place.

Exhibition Catalogue

Installation Views, Courtesy of the artists and ZÉRUÌ

Johannes Bosisio (b. 1994, Cavalese, Italy) lives and works between London, Berlin, and Cavalese. His work explores different forms of relationship between mankind and machine and the transgressions of dualism. Bosisio investigates subjects such as consumerism, technology, and machine fetishism with a hyperrealist style filled with graphic elements. Recent exhibitions include various solo and group shows in Germany, Italy, UK, Switzerland, and Belgium including Judith Andreae (Bonn, Germany, 2021) and Galeria Doris Ghetta (Ortisei, Italy, 2021).

Stanley J Buglass (b. 1999, London, UK) lives and works in London. His work employs a sense of human trace and interaction with a clear distinction in absence of the body, through the use of fragmented markings and symbols. His use of sculptural material is sought to have a sense of the commerciality in design, continually searching or scavenging for found forms to manipulate, he studies and rearticulates the shapes of appliances used. Recent exhibitions include Changing Room Gallery, 213 Kupfer, and Usual Business, London.

Hoa Dung Clerget (b. 1985, France) lives and works in the UK. Unlike some artists from the Vietnamese diaspora, her work is more informed by her education in France. However, there is a transformation of the objects of her French-Vietnamese cultural heritage into disappearing objects. She most often chooses domestic objects that she transforms by the economy of means. Through these mundane objects, Hoa Dung continues to explore the hybrid environment where traditions coexist in the homes of diaspora families. Her works have been included at Lychee One, Gazelli Art House, and Saatchi Gallery, amongst others.

Li Hei Di (b. 1997, Shenyang, China) lives and works in London, UK. Her diverse practice includes sculpture, installation, and performance, and explores the diversity of her gender and body experience. Keen to embody the sensation of desire, her compositions allow human organ-like forms to play out a game of hide and seek. Recent exhibitions include various solo and group shows including Gallery Vacancy, Shanghai, China (2022); Mamoth, London, UK; Linseed Project, Shanghai, China (2021).

Mino (b. 1982, Rome, Italy) lives and works in London. His works seek memories and the dependence of image culture. His recent exhibitions include Stallmann, Berlin. The Camera Club, London and others.

Aaron Roth (b.1998, Los Angeles, US)Lives  works between Sofia,London and Plovdiv. His disciplines include works in large format oil Painting, installation, sculpture and photography. His installation straddles the place between the readymade and assemblage based upon the detritus in contrast to the painting having a mimetic and ironic relationship to advertising. The works draw their inspirations from Chalga, conspiracy theory and advertisements to luxury goods used to explore questions of desire, myths of nationalism and capital. He has been included in group exhibitions at ICA Sofia, MOCA Sofia, and solo shows at FLUCA, Austrian Cultural Pavilion, amongst others.

Installation Views of Hoa Dung Clerget 'The Trace' and 'Monument for D. Flavin' 

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