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Johannes Bosisio Stanley J Buglass Hoa Dung Clerget LiHeiDi

Mino &Aaron Roth  

ZÉRUÌ is proud to present Memories of A Social Club That Doesn't Exist.This exhibition brings together 24 bodies of work by six contemporary artists working across various disciplines: Johannes Bosisio, Stanley J Buglass, Hoa Dung Clerget, Li Hei Di, Mino and Aaron Roth. This exhibition explores the confines of a social club, the characters, and stories that we may have encountered, but never quite tangible.


Social clubs are interesting places. They transcend class and society, wherever in the world there is a town or community, there would be some form of a social club. From a working man’s club in rural England and industrial Russia to members-only clubs in Mayfair and Manhattan. A discotheque in China and a Salsa dance club in Cuba all share the same function, to bring people together.

This exhibition showcases an eclectic range of artists, all with distinctive language that bears the unique consequence of their respective heritage. Juxtaposing sculptures, paintings, photographs, and installations, they become a story of a social club that never existed, from memories that we never had, exploring the different cultural and social contexts of the social club, and the stories that could take place.

Exhibition Catalogue

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