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Minh Lan Tran

 Jack Laver
Meryl Yana
Alexander Carey-Morgan

08/10 - 05/11/2022

To conjure realities from fragments
Guided by the elements of nature and alchemy
We find the spirits that are without beginnings and ends out of which worlds built upon
And decay, vanish in time

A passage towards the only time

towards perpetuity
the wheel rolls on

without prejudice or kindness

overcasting beauty and grandeur,

alleviates all


A binding light that shines so bright

the energy moves inwards
it’s always there, within us

pointing to the truth
the vibration of countless generations

 resonates and echos

To see a cavern that glittered for epoch
A gateway into sentience that only those with eyes can see

Rituals that are invented and forgotten through millennia

To not make logic out of the incomprehensible
To feel the essence
To feel the light and shadow
We become one and manifest

manifestation -5.jpg
manifestation -13.jpg
manifestation -7.jpg
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