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Vikenti Komitski & Aaron Roth 
Dreams Are Made of This
June 3rd -July 14th


Past Exhibitions

Installation View VIII‘The Surviving Image’_ZÉRUÌ.jpg
Installation view I - Jack Laver & ZÉRUÌ.jpeg

​Jack Laver

Cut From The Shadows

Feb 22nd - Mar 31st 2023


Installation View, Left_ Shapeshifter series; Right_ Voyeur; Courtesy of Johannes Bosisio

​Johannes Bosisio 

Souls from Objects from Souls from Objects From Souls

Nov 19th - Dec 15th 2022

manifestation -11.jpg

Minh Lan Tran,  Jack Laver, Meryl Yana, Alexander Carey-Morgan
Oct 8th - Nov 5th 2022



Memories Of A Social Club That Doesn't Exist:​

Johannes Bosisio, Stanley J Buglass, Hoa Dung Clerget, Li Hei Di, Mino, Aaron Roth 

May 13th - 28th 2022



A/D D/A:
Daniel Spivakov,  Jack Laver, Mia Vallance, Li Hei Di,  Jack Sommerville, Bradley Childs, Yage Guo,  Alexander Carey Morgan
Mar 10th - April 15th 2022


Previous incarnation as Salon RT


A Midsummer Night's Dream On Shelves 
Charis Entwistle, Li Hei Di, Mia Vallance, Selin Uyar
 July - August 2021 



There is No There There
Jonas Pequeno

May 2021


Bench install shot.png

Jack Of All Trades
Bradley Childs
April  2021


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