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Johannes Bosisio

Souls from Objects from Souls from Objects from Souls


Installation View, Courtesy of Johannes Bosisio and ZÉRUÌ
Left: Shapeshifter Series;Right: Voyeur, 2022.  Johannes Bosisio and ZÉRUÌ, London

Pristine surfaces, metallic shapes, fabrics that glow in dim light - Bosisio’s practice explores the compatibility, or incompatibility of the organic and the inorganic, that of the artificial and technological. The anatomies of objects are dissected and exposed, shapeshifting and ever-changing, in simultaneous decay and renewal. At the same time, they are both treasured and fetishised - their smooth shapes, colours and proportions epitomising symmetry and ratio - and these creations of desire are thereby a step closer to [insert]. The gleaming warmth of cybernetic seduction indulges a sense of self, as we are dependable to the function of society, just as society is dependent on the machine - on the next big thing. We all fuck machines, most of us just don’t know it.

Selected Works

Johannes Bosisio - In The Flash.jpg

Johannes Bosisio
In the Flash

oil, glitter and glue on panel in steel frame

37 x 29.5 x 3 cm (14.6 x 11.6 x 1.2 in.)


JB Micro series shadow.001.tiff

Johannes Bosisio

Micro Series

oil and resin on panel in steel frame

29.4 x 29.7 x 3 cm (11.6 x 11.7 x 1.2 in.)


From Left to Right: OFS05 (object in fossilised State); Micro Series & Icon.
Voyeur, Courtesy of the artist and ZÉRUÌ
Side View: Voyeur
Installation View III, Courtesy of the artist and ZÉRUÌ.jpg
From left to right: Shapeshifter Series; OFS03 (Object in Fossilised State); Flânuer
Installation View IV, Courtesy of the artist and ZÉRUÌ.jpg
From left to right: In The Flash; OFS04 (Object in Fossilised State); Micro Series
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